Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preparing for the Premiere

As you are all undoubtedly aware, the If She Did It premiere is scheduled for tonight.

I comprehend that essentially all of you, my faithful followers, will convene in the theater on Broadway or lined up outside to applaud the accomplishment and welcome the show to Broadway. Others will be watching the simulcast in local movie theaters or through online streams. I can assure you that the viewing experience will not disappoint.

Never before has a production of this complexity and magnitude been attempted. Never before has such a story arrived on Broadway. I stand before you, one of the proudest writers of this century. I am fortunate to have achieved such acclaim in response to my initial foray into the world of the playwrite.

All of these efforts will be on display before you tonight as I appear before you at the commencement of the performance. Everything that I represent will unfold before you. You have been loyal in following me through this latest venture, as always, and you will see all that is Horace Krouch. I have never been more proud.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

False Allegations

I acquired knowledge of Ms. Styles’ fabricated allegations earlier today while watching the news on television. I had to peruse my files to even conjure a recollection of her. She is one of thousands of criminals that I have successfully defended. In no way do I deserve to be victimized by such allegations, particularly after winning her case.

I have no comment other than to pose one question to my faithful followers: Who will you choose to believe, a Yale lawyer or a common whore?


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Response to the Video

I have been hounded mercilessly by the media and even my faithful followers to provide a response to the sex tape that appeared on YouTube this week. I recognize that this is a price that I must pay for my role in the spotlight, so I forgive you for these transgressions. I was taught throughout my Ivy League education that it is the truly superior individual who can suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

I have not viewed the pornographic film in question. I will not stoop to such base levels. Knowledge of my own whereabouts and experiences is sufficient.

For the record, I will provide only this solitary comment – that any details of my relationship with Destiny Blande are confidential matters between the two of us, and are not to be shared for the amusement of others. I am a gentleman in that regard, and I will not stoop to defend or to further tarnish the reputation of an acquaintance or a lover.

I ask that my faithful followers accept this statement and respect our privacy.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Faced

If you choose to believe that this post is about Destiny Blande's daddy, then I cannot control your perception. Yte please keep in mind that a world reknowned lawyer would not carelessly expose himself for a libel suit. As you and certainly Destiny's daddy have recently learned, libel is difficult to prove in a court of law; however, defending myself in libel suits is not an enjoyable pasttime.

I would like to write about the disappointing preponderance of individuals who hold true to their public personna yet conceal an inner self, a dark and sometimes twisted stranger to the outside world. Let us use the example of an advertising executive, not necessarily becuse Destiny's daddy meets such a description, but rather to simply illustrate the point. The advertising executive is used to creating facades, although typically in the form of printed materials, videos, and commercials. But why should the executive stop there? Or can the executive even stop there if he wants to? Why not create a personal facade? Why not wear two faces: one as a mask to expose to the outside world, and one to keep hidden as the true inner personality?

So many people have such an inner self - one so different from what they show to others. How disappointing it is to have to hide behind a second face, the mask that has little to do with the real person inside.

If you think that this is about Destiny Blande's daddy, then I apologize for any confusion. But if the mask fits, wear it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleveland Serial Killer

You most likely saw me on ABC last night, discussing the Cleveland serial killer case.

Police arriving at the home of Anthony Sowell on October 29th to arrest him on rape charges did not find their suspect. Instead, they found 11 female bodies in crawl spaces and shallow graves. Two days later they arrested Sowell as a suspect in the Cleveland serial killer case. Sowell, who previously served a 15-year prison term for a 1989 rape before being released in 2005, will most likely face numerous charges, including aggravated murder, abuse of corpses, rape, and kidnapping. He is currently being held without bond.

I was misquoted in the Associated Press today as saying that the murders were of no consequence. I am disappointed by that misrepresentation of my statement, which was that male serial killers are unfortunately a dime a dozen, unlike the truly unusual characteristics of the case of Destiny Blande being accused of the Satin Strangler murders. I certainly did not mean to diminish the loss of life in Cleveland or the impact on the families of the victims.

Monday, November 2, 2009

No Challenge

The libel case was unfortunately less of a challenge than I anticipated. Let that be a lesson to you, my faithful followers. When you are completely innocent, you will be vindicated through our legal system.

Unfortunately Destiny’s daddy has chosen to hound me indiscriminately in an attempt to share in my wealth, ironically to the point of ensuring his own financial demise. I mean him no harm, but I must question his sanity at this point.

My book, If She Did It, tells the story of a female serial killer named Daphne Blain in a fictionalized account of the Satin Strangler murders. To suggest that the killer represents Destiny Blande is actually a commentary on her presumed guilt. The libel suit suggests that Destiny’s own father is certain of her guilt in the strangulation murders of more than 100 men.

So many people in our society, from the media to the masses, believe that Destiny is guilty of the Satin Strangler murders. That is no fault of mine. In fact, I strove diligently to prove her innocence in the criminal trial. I have no intention of capitalizing on her otherwise presumed guilt with the upcoming sale of my book. If that is the result, however, then so be it.

My book has nearly outperformed Harry Potter in pre-sales on Amazon. This exceeds acceptability for a Yale lawyer with a passion for writing. The libel suit interrupted my pre-sale tour, but next month the full print book will finally be available in stores nationwide, just in time for Christmas stockings. I will be appearing in several stores in the northeast, starting with Sea View, NJ, signing books for fans.

I would like to express my personal and heartfelt gratitude to Destiny’s daddy for all of the press generated by his frivolous libel suit. As an author, there is always a subliminal concern that your efforts will not be a paramount success as interest in a subject wanes. Luckily he has ensured the utmost relevance of my book as it hits the stands.

This is also a splendid opportunity to confirm reports that I am exploring opportunities to bring the book to Broadway. I am certain that, unlike all of you who will cherish the thought of seeing this tale on stage, Destiny’s daddy will find some reason to begrudge its success and hinder my progress. Any such attempts would come as no surprise and result in monumental failure, pursuant to his efforts to date.


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Headed to Broadway

Yes, those rumors have now been verified. My best selling novel, If She Did It, will be headed to Broadway as a play. Leopold Leroux and I have decided to combine formidable forces and create a theater experience like no other yet seen on this planet. I will be providing more information to you, my faithful followers, as we deem appropriate. Remain vigilant for the announcement about ticket sales.